When a desperate PTSD sufferer is sent to an experimental therapy centre, she finds herself fighting for her life against the twisted therapists who by prey on their patients’ worst fears to increase the adrenaline in their ‘meat’ and satisfy their cannibalistic hunger.

    Samurai Posted on January 18, 2020 in Horror.
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      A better way to word this would be:

      “When she is sent to new mental health facility, an emotional vulnerable woman must escape before she falls prey to the twisted cannibalistic therapists who use her worst fears against her”.

      This sounds like grindhouse-style exploitation more than traditional horror. There have been quite a few stories partaining to “patients sent to an asylum of horror”. What’s different about this concept? Could the reason for their PTSD relate to the plot? Perhaps she is a veteran of war?

      Samurai Answered on January 18, 2020.
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