When a man’s romantic attentions are ignored by a woman for many years he lures her into a secret meeting with a messenger who proposes an idyllic rendezvous.

    Samurai Posted on April 16, 2020 in Romance.
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      Is the man the bad guy? Because when you use the word lures, it makes me think this is some sort of trap, disguised as an idyllic rendezvous.

      Singularity Answered on April 16, 2020.
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        So what’s the story? This sounds like two or three scenes out of a more complete narrative. Also, who’s the protagonist? The creepy stalker who sends someone else to the woman he likes so he can trick her into meeting him? Not exactly sympathetic there.

        Samurai Answered on April 16, 2020.
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          When a man’s romantic interest is encouraged by a woman for many years but she won’t commit he battles with her daughter to convince her mother that an idyllic life awaits.

          Samurai Answered on April 17, 2020.
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            This sounds like one of those Lifetime movies, but with the evil man as the main character?

            Penpusher Answered on April 18, 2020.
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              He battles with the daughter? Like they have swordfights? What does the daughter have to do with anything? This makes it sound like she’s the focus of the story, about a guy who just can’t get it through his head some woman isn’t interested in him…so again, what is is this about?

              Samurai Answered on April 18, 2020.
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