When a naive girl is captured by a group of people smugglers, she will create a plan to escape from the hell in which she is

    Penpusher Posted on April 17, 2019 in Drama.
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      From your logline, I would probably say your lead is captured by ‘human traffickers’, not ‘people smugglers‘.

      A coyote is a people smuggler. A coyote helps smuggle people over the border without being caught.
      A human trafficker is someone who kidnaps people and then sells them into slavery.

      Singularity Answered on April 18, 2019.
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        A naive girl planning to escape is a little monotonous. Urgency is good, she ‘must escape..’ rather than ‘planning to’

        Getting captured is not the most impressive inciting incident.

        Suggestion: She could be someone lured by false promise of a lucrative job or education scholarship.

        Summitry Answered on April 19, 2019.
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          Yup, and add specifics for the mental picture, like where this is.

          Mentor Answered on April 22, 2019.
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