When a neglected daughter is adopted by a wealthy and powerful man, she must fight her reckless, power hungry mother to keep her new world from falling apart.

Leviathan Samurai Asked on December 3, 2018 in Drama.
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If the man who adopted the lead character is wealthy and powerful, then why must the kid lead the fight against her reckless mother instead of her adopted father’s team of well-paid lawyers? You should probably add the,”Why Her” to the logline.

Richiev Singularity Reviewed on December 3, 2018.
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Must fight is too vague. When you write the story there will be a Central dramatic question. This will be demonstrated through an event. Tell us that.

CraigDGriffiths Summitry Reviewed on December 3, 2018.
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Agreed with all the above.

Also, in what way will her world fall apart?
The term is too vague to work well in a logline. Describe one SPECIFIC and clear danger the mother poses and use that to establish the stakes.

Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed on December 5, 2018.
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