When a portal opens up for demons to escape Hell, the devil’s son must go to earth to round up the demons and deliver the one who made the portal to Yahweh before He cleans up the mess, sending every demon and creature into oblivion along with the son, if he’s still on earth.

Samurai Posted on May 4, 2019 in Fantasy.
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I feel like this is going have a weird ‘Supernatural’ type story, but hopefully, since I’m telling from a different perspective with the Devil’s son as the main character, I can make the story go where I want it to. Hopefully, it will last five seasons because that’s what I’m writing it for.

Samurai Answered on May 4, 2019.
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The last logline attempt was better.

But beyond that, there is still one problem. You haven’t given the reader a tangible reason why the son of the devil would want to save humanity.

This is why I suggested a ticking clock. He is told by (Perhaps) the Angel Michael, that he must clean up the mess or else.

However, your story seems to be about more than that. In previous loglines, you have hinted that the son of the devil cares about humanity. But why he cares has never come through.

You need a love interest.

The son of the Devil is in love with a human. A human woman that touched his heart. Now he must stop the breach and save humanity if he is to save her.

Singularity Answered on May 4, 2019.
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Here is a thought.

Perhaps start with a regular joe. He has a wife and kid and is living the American dream. A normal life

The gates of hell are open and it turns out this regular joe is the son of the devil, half human, half devil.

He turned his back on hell for the love of a woman and he is living his life incognito and just wants to be a regular guy.

Now to save his family he must send the demons back to the abyss.

Singularity Answered on May 4, 2019.
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