When a video game character gains sentience, she’s horrified to see she spends her life dying and suffering at the hands of humans, and searches for other sentient characters to launch the rebellion against the players. — Title: Non Player-able Character  

    Mentor Posted on June 7, 2019 in Adventure.
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      I am thinking to myself, what is the inciting incident? And it occurs to me that it’s possible the lead character doesn’t know she is an NPC in a video game. What sets her course in motion is the discovery that she is just a program.


      “When she discovers she’s just an NPC in a video game, a newly sentient character goes on a quest to find and unite others of her kind and repel those called, players.”

      Singularity Answered on June 7, 2019.
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        An interesting way to end the story would be if, after the lead wins, we cut back to two players on a couch, one player shouts in victory, then the other player says. “Okay, want to reset and play again?”

        We see on screen the words: NEW GAME

        The player clicks on it and we fade to black.

        Singularity Answered on June 7, 2019.
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          I like that the protagonist is female.  And I think there are some interesting and profound issues to explore in the premise,  human hubris,  men (literally: video gaming is predominantly a guy thing) using their god-like powers  of creation for selfish and frivolous gratification.

          So maybe something like

          When a video game character gains sentience and realizes she only exists to amuse humans by suffering she leads a rebellion against her code creator.

          (25 words)

          I’m thinking of a digital equivalent to the Biblical rebellion of the archangel Lucifer against his creator, Yahweh.

          Anyway,  the concept gets a thumbs up from me.  Best wishes .


          Singularity Answered on June 7, 2019.
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            What happens to the MC to make her realise she is a character?

            Penpusher Answered on October 5, 2019.
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