When he is injured in battle, a young Robin Hood tries to escape the winding forest and search for help as he is haunted by the ghosts of his dead comrades.

    Mentor Posted on November 19, 2017 in Horror.
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      Is he being haunted by the ghosts as a result of his injury?

      You need to give him another inciting incident that connects to a goal. Perhaps, as a result of all his merry men getting killed Robin Hood must escape Sherwood Forest to save his own life. This way, the event (all the men being killed) is connected to a goal (escape the woods) and the haunting is then a supernatural subplot that comes about as a result of the main plot.

      Singularity Answered on November 20, 2017.
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        Agreed, this touches upon a few things and remains a bit confusing.

        An injured Robin Hood must escape the Winding Forest to seek help for…

        The haunting part is not logline worthy. What else about the story that he must overcome is, however? That’s what you should focus on.

        Summitry Answered on November 20, 2017.
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          “When a tactical mistake costs the lives of his men, an injured Robin Hood, must escape the Forrest infiltrated by his opponents while confronted by the ghosts of his dead men.”

          Singularity Answered on November 21, 2017.
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            I like the structure of the logline and the film concept!
            However, is he the real Robin Hood or some imitation trying to redistribute wealth in society? It’s a little bit confusing. And what do you mean by ghosts of his dead comrades? It reads like some sort of traumata if I’m right.
            In conclusion, I like it. Maybe try to be more specific with the “Robin Hood” attributes.

            Samurai Answered on November 19, 2017.
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