When he wins a basketball championship, a young man suffers an accident becoming paraplegic and must accept his new status in an adapted basketball club before falling into depression.

    Logliner Posted on September 20, 2019 in Drama.
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      I think the logline needs to be clearer and more specific on some elements.

      “Basketball championship” and”Young man”: Is he a high school or college athlete?

      Did the accident occur during the championship game or afterwards?  And if the latter, what happened? Was he involved in an auto accident?  Or…?

      Film is a visual medium.  Ever plot element in a logline must be concrete, must map to something that can be seen on the  screen?  What’s the visual for “must accept”?  What is the concrete, screen event that will signal to the audience that he has “accepted his new status”?

      Singularity Answered on September 21, 2019.
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