“While attending the Presidential Inauguration, a photojournalist will have to fight for his life after snapping a photo that was never meant for his eyes.”


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    I think at the moment this is a bit vague. I get the general idea, the genre and the style, but there’s nothing here that makes this stand out from other similar conspiracy thrillers.

    What if you aimed for: “After photographing ——— at the Presidential Inauguration, a photojournalist is pursued by ———– and must ————– if he is to survive” ? Not those literal words, necessarily, but that kind of shape? Simply because it gives you more chances to talk about specifics – and specifics are what sell ideas.

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      Thanks! I’ll play with it some more. It was a spur of the moment idea.

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        I can understand that this is intended to capture the reader with a pleasant suspense and i admit i am a little curious buy will be more curious for instance if you describe “what was never meant for his eyes” better. As Debbiemoon ,mentioned, you have to be more descriptive about why he will have to fight for his life and probably how he intends to do that. Otherwise it will sound too plain altogether. The plot is however very clear and should make for an enticing story.

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