William Shakespeare awakens to find himself in London in 2019 with no memory of anything after 1616. Interpreting modern day situations from an Elizabethan perspective, he befriends three school children in an attempt to understand to the 21st century.

    Logliner Posted on August 17, 2019 in Comedy.
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      While the premise itself is interesting, I think the logline is missing a stake that is important enough to require three schoolchildren. Understanding the world around you can (while slowly) be done on your own. Perhaps Shakespeare wants to publish a new work based on his new environment. Or perhaps there is an evil force coming after him and his works and he needs to quickly adapt to modern society beforehand. I also can’t stop but wondering why Shakespeare wants to understand the 21st century instead of attempting to find a way to return to his original world. I think figuring out the important stake can help answer that question.

      Penpusher Answered on August 18, 2019.
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        Agree with ssk05032.  What are the stakes?  In comedy, there has to be stakes, too.  What is his real dramatic problem?  Shakespeare was a genius; surely if anyone could overcome the initial disorientation and come to understand and operate in modern times, it would be Shakespeare.  And why would he rely on kids and not adults to coach him? After the “fun and games” of Shakespeare’s initial disorientation wears off, what’s the story?

        Singularity Answered on August 19, 2019.
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