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For many years I’ve been part of The Story Shop, a writers collective that follows a streamlined development process, focused on the international film market.

Our very first assignment has just become Australia’s biggest budget war movie, and now we are reaching out to other writers with great – tested – story ideas.

The Story Shop acquires and (re-)develops concepts with strong market potential. If you have a logline that everyone loves, but you can’t manage to crack the story and sell the script, we want to work with you.


We pay you a fairly negotiated purchase fee, and you will retain a share in the copyright. Your sleeper concept has a chance of getting sold and produced, and along the way you learn the secrets of the Story Shop development process. 

We prefer if you have already written a draft, because this shows that you have tried to develop the concept. However at this stage, we won’t need to read it.


A logline (40 words max) and a synopsis (500 words max). The logline must follow the Logline It formula, and the synopsis must cover the entire story, including the ending.


Please ONLY submit if you have no other plans with your story idea, AND you have received exceptionally good feedback to the logline.

Just use the contact form on this website, and;
– include ONE logline in the email body text;
– write the email subject in the format: “STORY SHOP LOGLINE – [Name Surname]”;
– upload the synopsis here (at the bottom of the page), with the logline again printed at the top, as well as your name and email address.


If you have any further questions, just reply to this message. We may organise an online video conference if we receive enough questions.

Happy loglining!

Karel Segers

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