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  • Penpusher Posted on December 14, 2018 in SciFi.

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to condense it too much I feel.

    In a vain future world, Carella Corp offer a ‘Nanolife’ technology allowing ageing to be postponed. Karl’s job is to dispose of people when the Nanolife runs out. He meets a 157 year old woman, Penelope, who has escaped from Carella Corp, who claims she has advanced Nano technology. Karl falls for her and helps her escape from Carella Corp who are searching for her. When they eventually catch up to the pair, Penelope sacrifices herself to protect Karl. Karl later finds a society of humans living free from Nano technology, ageing naturally.  After learning that he was blackmailed into his previous job, for his daughter’s safety by Carella Corp, they help him break in to the City, to rescue her. Karl is captured by Carella Corp and told the truth, that he was setup by them and Penelope is actually AI, with false implanted memories designed to test out the latest version of Nano technology. They are broken free by helpers and set about releasing thousands of those enslaved by Carella Corp.

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  • Penpusher Posted on April 7, 2018 in Crime.

    If he’s a criminal lawyer, then he’s likely to have faced up with the fact that he will defend criminals.
    It’s drilled into every lawyer that this will be the case and very rarely if ever would a lawyer be surprised about it.

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