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  • Penpusher Posted on May 14, 2019 in Horror.

    This is all really valuable info in helping me to clarify what the film is about and who the characters are in an economical way. There are answers to these inquiries which I will expand upon below as a way to pull the most interesting/necessary bits for a logline that works. I hope you’ll indulge me. I really am grateful for the help.

    Blast off!

    [The story itself takes place at a remote oilfield location in northeastern Colorado. There are locations there that get visited once or twice a year simply because they don’t produce on a regular basis. These locations also have unusable cell phone service and you could conceivably be hours from anything approaching civilization. This crew of oilfield workers (called roustabouts in the industry, but I omitted that from the logline because its a weird word and unnecessary) consist of  five characters, four men and one woman. The lead character, Kate, is new to oilfield work and her presence is on the crew is a source of tension simply because she is a woman. It is very uncommon to see a woman roustabout in the industry. She has had a previous career working as a park ranger, but was laid off due to budget cuts and had to make a living wage. Working in oil and gas is the fastest/most reliable way to make a living in her part of the country. Because the job takes 3 hours to get to and from the location, the crew has to leave early in the morning if they plan on getting back before dark. There are numerous “warnings” before they arrive and while they are working which I won’t go into here. However, they end up staying late to finish the job because they don’t want to have to come back due to time and money. As soon as the sun sets, all hell breaks loose.]


    Regarding the “vampires”: I appreciate Robb Ross’ statement which is essentially why I wanted to go for creatures that were more feral like real monsters instead of the latex clad models of Underworld or the aristocrats of Interview with a Vampire, which is why I put “creatures” instead of vampires. When you say vampires, folks have certain thing in their heads but specificity is key so “Blood-Beings?”…”Darklings?” Is there a way to describe a blood drinking creature that only hunts at night without being too general and without evoking popular imagery of the vampire?

    Regarding the environmental message: I like there being a link but not an overt one. Are the creatures the result of drilling? Probably, but I think that is background in this case. That makes the story more of a Tremors and less of a The Grey I suppose.

    Regarding Setting: I set this story in the Colorado oilfield because of the remoteness of the location. It goes without saying that in an ever-increasingly modern world, there are less and less places for protagonists to get genuinely separated from convenience and society. When people hear oil and gas they think of drilling rigs, but have no idea that there are thousands of small tank batteries that litter our landscape tucked away in remote areas without cell service or medical access. Shifts in the oilfield range from 8 to 15 hours sometimes. Workers wake up when it’s dark and still find themselves on location as the sun sets. If vampires were real, these workers would be dead.

    What about this…

    “A park ranger turned Colorado oilfield worker regrets her first day on the job as she must not only battle for respect from her coworkers but fight for her life against the bloodthirsty night-creatures that have descended on the remote oilfield battery to feed on them after the sun goes down.”


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  • Penpusher Posted on May 13, 2019 in Horror.

    This is all great advice! Thank you all so much for taking the time to offer your thoughts.


    Hmmmm…what about:


    When a young woman with money troubles gets hired to work in the oilfield, she expects hard work, but when her crew stays late to finish a job and is hunted by bloodthirsty vampires, she will now have to work harder than ever if she wants to see the sunrise. 

    Eh…still not sure.


    It gets rid of the “mismatched” crew and gives us a central character we also get a specific monster…


    I don’t know, what do you folks think?


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