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Hi guys,

I love story. With whole my heart. I give it all I can, and I take it very seriously.

Not everyone else does.

Some people just cursorily read about loglines, then they appear on this site and post something that looks very different from anything we’ve been labouring over here for years. Clearly they don’t care as much as we do.

It seems as if they’re trying to get away with not doing the hard work.

Then, when we give feedback from a place of experience and passion, some ignore it, or – or worse – blatantly reject it. This may hurt us.

All the work, knowledge and experience is being disregarded. An insult. Sometimes, this is hard to accept with grace.

But we do. Because there are so many more people out there who do value what we have to offer in the shape of our logline reviews.

Over time the newbies may learn the skills too, and understand how important they are. They may start giving valuable feedback…

… which in turn will be rejected by the newbies.

The wheel keeps turning.

Happy Reviewing!



PS: You can vote up reviews. Do it!

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