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Hi guys,

As soon as you’ve posted a logline, you realise you could have done better. So you want to edit it. Only, we won’t let you.

The idea is to learn from Logline It – and people can see how a logline evolves and improves in the comments, as a result of the users’ reviews. If we’d allow edits, the comments wouldn’t make sense anymore, and the learning aspect of Logline It would disappear. So we ask you to post improved versions in the ‘Reviews’ thread.  Thank you!

On an entirely separate note…

I’m a film buff and a music fanatic. In 1995 I vowed that I’d score a movie before turning 40. And so I did. I wrote the score to Kieran Galvin’s PUPPY, a movie I co-produced in 2005. If you’re interested, tomorrow I will post a link here, with a discount code, so you can (re)view it. Warning: it contains mature content. 🙂

Here is the trailer:

See you tomorrow!



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