Karel Segers
Sep 29 th, 2015
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What’s The Points?


Things were so much simpler on the old site … but not so much fun!
You may have already worked it out, but here is how you can gain points:

  • post a logline: 20pts
  • review a logline: 15pts
  • receive a logline vote: 10pts
  • receive a review vote: 25pts
  • receive a ‘best answer’: 50pts


There are negative votes, too. But you’ll have to gain A LOT of points before you can start voting others down. I thought that would be fair.¬†Of course there are still the simple counters, with your historical data of the number of loglines and reviews posted. Anything published on the old site, didn’t accumulate points.

My apologies to the veteran logliners, newbies are rewarded this time around.

What else would you like to know, or see on the site? Drop me a line in the comments below!

Karel Segers

(PS: The photo is from the users page.)

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